Lindsay Lohan: Clubbing With Avi Snow, Partying Like a Madman

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Lindsay Lohan is making her short-lived freedom count.

She may be staring at a court-ordered 90-day stint in lock down rehab (beginning May 2 at the latest), but she didn't have care in the world Saturday night.

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Still getting her drink on and clubbing like a madwoman despite her obvious issues, she was spotted shoving her tongue down boyfriend Avi Snow's throat.

The musician and his actress/groupie girlfriend were spotted sucking face in crowded club 41 Ocean, in Santa Monica, Calif., where his band performed.

Looking slightly disheveled and grinning to herself as she sat among a raucous group of friends, Lindsay seemed to be having the time of her life.

Lindsay clearly wanted everyone to know that she was there, and "with the band," jumping up before the set and giving Avi Snow a full-on kiss.

An onlooker said: "She arrived late just before the band performed. They were kissing passionately in a corner of the club - then the band went on stage."

"Lindsay was living the performance, dancing in her seat. At the end, as they came off stage, she grabbed Avi and planted a kiss on him in front of the whole crowd."

What is she going to do once she goes away to rehab?! Oh right, sneak out and keep partying like always, or try to beat the system and get out early.

The criminal justice system at its best.

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