Kate Upton: Going to the Prom With High School Senior!

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It appears that Kate Upton ACCEPTED an L.A. high school senior invitation to his upcoming senior prom, which went viral after he posted it on YouTube.

She Tweeted a response to his video invite last night:

Kate Tweet!

Wow. Jake Davidson started an online campaign to get the supermodel to accompany him to the dance, and his Kate Upton prom invite became a big hit.

Including, it turns out, with the blonde beauty herself.

Nice to know she's as cool as she is gorgeous. Hopefully her schedule will permit, because the kid totally deserves it after putting in that kind of effort.

Wonder how his friends will react to "Katie" in the limo.

As Upton herself said, how could she turn that down? Unfortunately for Jake, he has a strict 11 p.m. curfew, so it's not going to be a late night with her.

You never know, though. Maybe they'll hit it off and tell this story of how they met to their kids one day. Either way, he will be the man later this spring.

Take a look at his video below if you missed it ...

Well played, Jake. So very well played.


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