Cheerleader Cracks Head on Court, Taken Off on Stretcher

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A cheerleader for the Atlanta Hawks slipped during a routine Monday night, slammed her head on the court and was carried away on a stretcher.

But she's okay, folks.

There was a delay between the third and fourth quarter of the contest as Kristen (last name not provided) was cared for and taken to Atlanta Medical Center.

Hawks coach Larry Drew expressed his well wishes for the cheerleader after the game, and Kristen then took to Twitter Monday night to assure everyone there was no real damage from the incident.

"After a scary trip to the Hospital, I'm back at home and resting up so I can get back to cheering for my Hawks," she wrote. "Love you guys and God Bless!"

Of course, Robert Pattinson fans may not be thrilled to hear this.

According to her team profile, Kristen is a member of Team Jacob.