Justin Bieber Starts Show Early to Make Up for Past Tardiness

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Aw, Biebs, what a great guy. After Justin Bieber showed up two hours late to a London show earlier this week, he rectified the situation by hitting the stage two whole minutes early last night.

Bieber fans, if you're counting, that means Justin owes you 118 minutes. Maybe he can spend it staring deeply into your eyes, on a sailboat, in a Greek harbor, at dusk. Just an idea.

Justin Bieber in the UK

The 02, the gigs organizers, tweeted "We are happy to report that Justin Bieber made it on stage two minutes early this evening," after the previous night meant many young fans had to leave the show before it was finished in order to get to bed on a school night.

Bieber has been having some issues lately, after his 19th birthday was ruined by a fight between his entourage and nightclub security. Being 19 years old and the most famous person in the world can be tough, you know.


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