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New details have emerged regarding Justin Bieber’s confrontation with a neighbor yesterday morning… and they don’t paint a very pretty picture of the singer.

Authorities tell TMZ that reckless driving was, indeed, the source of the argument between Bieber and the man who lives next door, as Justin took his newly-fixed Ferrari for a spin around 8 a.m.

Multiple neighbors confirm that Justin was driving dangerously fast in the presence of pets and kids, which prompted the accuser to storm over to the artist’s property and scream at him to slow down in the future.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

The man later told deputies that Bieber replied by spitting in his face, telling him to “get the f-ck out of here” and adding:

“I’m gonna f-cking kill you.”

The 47-year old father of three subsequently filed a battery report and is not backing down in his desire to see Bieber prosecuted.

Sources close to Bieber acknowledge that an altercation took place, but deny that it ever turned physical.

Bieber’s temper, meanwhile, was on display just a couple weeks ago in London when he told a photographer that he was gonna beat the f-ck out of him.