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Just when you think things can’t get worse for Matt Lauer…

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly – which features Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn on the cover – the embattled Today Show host was asked awhile back to help select one of three female producers to come in and turn around the program’s dwindling ratings.

Lauer allegedly nixed all three and “told a senior staffer the idea of these women running the show reminded him of Lilith Fair.”

Matt Lauer is a Bad Person
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A Today rep denies Lauer ever made these comments, but a charge of sexism is the last thing Lauer needs these days.

Rumors of Anderson Cooper replacing him are already running rampant, while a scathing New York magazine article says Lauer was behind Ann Curry’s firing.

Joe Hagan’s article also says Curry was forbidden from Tweeting well wishes to Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts during her struggle with a rare blood disorder.

In other words: things are a mess at NBC.

But we know: that isn’t exactly news.