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Disgraced politician John Edwards suffered a heart attack scare in February and has been warned by his doctors to stop drinking, a tabloid report claims.

Edwards “was at home when he started to feel pain and tightness in his chest,” a family source told the National Enquirer, the thorn in his side for years.

The magazine claims that (who else) the 59-year-old former Senator’s girlfriend and baby mama, Rielle Hunter, came to the rescue in his time of need.

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“He was certain that he was having a heart attack, so he called Rielle,” the source said. “She rushed over from her place and drove him to the emergency room.”

Edwards was warned that he needs to stop drinking, allegedly, and that his health may be in sharp decline in large part because of his alcohol intake.

After reportedly being released from N.C. Memorial Hospital, Edwards returned to the Chapel Hill, N.C., estate he once shared with his late wife Elizabeth.

He now lives there with his two youngest kids, Emma Claire, 14, and Jack, 12. He and Rielle are not living together, but may still be together … who knows.

We’d say that none of this is true (and we might be right), but we said that about their affair initially when the Enquirer reported it, and look what happened.