Elizabeth Garner, Ex-NFL Cheerleader, Charged With Sexual Battery Against 12-Year-Old

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Former NFL cheerleader Elizabeth Garner has been charged with aggravated sexual battery after allegedly trying to grab a 12-year-old boy's junk.

Garner, 42, cheered for the Titans until 2009. She was also charged with solicitation of a minor for rape of a child after trying to perform oral sex on him.

She faces up to eight years in prison if convicted.

Elizabeth Garner Mug Shot
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The married Garner is accused of following the 12-year-old to the bathroom at a party last month hosted by the boy's mother and grabbing his penis.

Over his shorts, fortunately ... but then she tried to remove them in order to perform oral sex on him. The boy escaped and told his mother what happened.

The mother alerted police, who interviewed the youth. Garner allegedly asked him if he'd ever been with a woman. The craziest part of all this?

Garner admitted she approached the boy, but said she was drunk and had confused him with an (adult) man at the party that day ... seriously.

We'll see if a jury buys that one.

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