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When Cate Edwards learned that her father, former presidential candidate John Edwards, was cheating on her mother, Elizabeth, she was crushed.

The 31-year-old daughter of the disgraced former U.S. senator adds that he personally admitted to her that he had had an affair with Rielle Hunter.

“I guess he and my mom decided that that was how it needed to be done. So yeah, I was devastated. And I was very disappointed,” Edwards said.

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“I mean, these are my parents. I had grown up with a lot of love in my family. And it was hard to see them go through this,” Cate said in an interview on Today.

Asked if she was mad, Cate Edwards said, “Yeah, of course.”


She gave a dignified response when asked about the “unpleasant things” Rielle Hunter wrote in her book, What Really Happened, John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me.

“I just thought it was … a poor choice, I guess, is all I can say.”

Cate spoke fondly of her mother, Elizabeth Edwards, who passed away after a brave struggle with cancer, saying, “I miss her in sort of big ways and small ways.”

“The big things that go by, like my wedding. She wasn’t able to be there. But we got to talk about it. I felt incredibly lucky that I got the chance to even have that conversation with her.

“I carried out some of her vision which was great, to sort of feel her presence there even though she wasn’t there. And then there are small things. I mean, I get away with bad grammar.”

“I never used to get away with bad grammar.”