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Xavier McAfee is in danger of ruining the best show on television.

The 29-year old has bee arrested for breaking into Bryan Cranston’s car on March 1 and swiping a script for Breaking Bad Season 5.

The actor reported the incident to police and said his shoulder bag – containing an iPad and these all-important pages – was taken out of his vehicle in Bernalillo County, New Mexico.

David Joyner Photo

McAfee was reportedly fingered as the culprit after bragging to patrons at a bar about the theft.

This might seem surprising… until you read through the McAfee’s arrest record: four juvenile offenses, nine felony arrests (with one conviction), 11 misdemeanor arrests (with six convictions) and three pending felonies.

A criminal mastermind this is not.

But the script itself is yet to be retrieved, leaving many to fear that the future of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will be spoiled before AMC can run new episodes this summer.