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Another day, another story that paints NBC is especially bad light.

Following reports that Matt Lauer nearly left for ABC, and that he REALLY did not get along well with Ann Curry, a new snippet of Joe Hagan’s New York magazine piece has been leaked.

And we’d love to hear NBC’s response to it.

Ann Curry on Halloween
(Getty Images)

After Curry was fired from Today – yet still employed by the network, which “created a situation of spectacular awkwardness,” Hagan writes – the reporter wanted to “tweet a note of sympathy” to Robin Roberts in light of her treatment for MDS.


But “NBC said no,” the article states. “[The network was] afraid she was trying to aid the enemy.”

Curry has remained silent in light of these breaking scoops, which continue to prove how inept NBC has been over the past few months.

And viewers have seemingly taken note: Ratings for The Today Show has been slumping for week. It is now regularly beaten by Good Morning America, with both Curry and Roberts considered media darlings.

NBC? Not so much.