Boyfriend Pushes Girlfriend Off Cliff, Gets Dumped in Mid-Fall

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Jessica Powell recently broke up with her boyfriend after he pushed her off a cliff against her will - she was attached to a rope, mind you. But still.

Daredevil Creighton Baird spent 45 minutes coaxing Powell to the edge of a narrow Utah canyon in hopes of embarking on a terrifying rope swing.

She failed to muster up the courage. So he just shoved her off.

Then she mustered the courage to break up with him mid-fall.

In the video of this event, Powell can be heard letting out a series of terrified screams before yelling “I’m breaking up with you!” Baird fell over laughing.

Not as much later when he realized she was serious.

This was part of a series of videos shot by cinematographer Devin Graham, who says Jessica Powell later thanked Baird for giving her the push.

“She came up and gave him a big hug and thanked him,” Graham claims. "They did break up, but it had nothing to do with getting pushed off the rope swing.”