The Bachelor Recap: Most Heartbreaking Rose Ceremony EVER?!

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If you read The Bachelor spoilers, you knew it was coming.

Still, even knowing the outcome couldn't have prepared us for the devastation on the face of the third-place finisher at the end of Monday's episode.

Bachelor Final Three Photos

After three dates and a lot of awkwardness surrounding Fantasy Suites and the born-again virgin Bachelor, it was time for Sean Lowe to let someone go.

The woman who got the boot was nothing short of crushed.

Who left in tears and who's on to the season finale March 11? Did Sean make the right decision, and who will he choose among his final two ladies?

Follow the link above to learn who walks away with the final rose (and whether they're still together), then follow the jump for THG's +/- Bachelor recap ...

"I'm excited to spend this week with Lindsay, AshLee and Catherine," Sean says, noting his "very strong feelings" for all of them even though they are "so different."

Guy is a pro at the cue cards by now. A pro. Plus 10.

Sean's first date is with Lindsay Yenter, who says she will tell Sean she's in love with him if this goes well. Aren't you either in love with him or not? Minus 10.

They go to a market. They eat bugs. Gross. Minus 10.

Later, she confesses "I am so crazy in love with this man," and that "I can't wait to start their life together." She's a cutie and genuinely sweet. Plus 40.

Even if we cringe a little bit when she talks. Minus 10.

These two must have hugged hardcore in the Fantasy Suite. They can barely keep their quasi-virginal hands off of one another at this point. Plus 20.

AshLee Frazier has no such reservations about dropping the l-bomb, calling Sean "love of my life" who she loves "more than words can express."

This could end very, very badly tonight. Minus 30.

Just like Lindsay and the bugs, Sean/producers recycle the "pull her out of her comfort zone" bit and make AshLee swim through a cave to get to the beach.

That way she can "latch" onto Sean Lowe for support even though she's scared, and their relationship will somehow become more solidified. Minus 10.

You're not gonna believe this, but not only do they make it through, AshLee uses their journey through the cave as a metaphor for life and love. Minus 20.

Plus 30 for the gratuitous shirtless/bikini shots of each.

Ash is as nervous about the Fantasy Suite as Sean.

"The idea of spending the night together, I don't take it lightly... I'm not willing to morally put myself out there and he's doing the same with the other two girls," she says.

Plus 20, because good for her. And it all ends well anyway after he says he wants to just stay up all night talking and getting to know her better there.

She proceeds to talk about the exact engagement ring she wants and also provides the size of her ring finger. Again ... we have a bad feeling here. Minus 40.

"This man has literally healed my broken heart," AshLee gushes, never one to mince words. "I will do everything in my power to make sure that he's happy."

If he turns that down, from this girl ... wow.

Finally, Catherine and Sean board a Thai junk boat just to cruise around and explore. He wonders if he can really see her settling down with him.

She adds that she's "pretty expired in Seattle right now," and "definitely" ready for marriage. Commitment worries? Quashed. Cue make out sessions. Plus 30.

Later, over dinner, he asks Catherine Giudici where she sees them as a couple in five years' time. Her answer? Marriage, a baby and happiness.

And she's the one he's always had the most fun with, it seems. "I can see myself marrying you," Sean admits to her. "You make me happy." Plus 20.

Despite the "nervousness" she has about the Fantasy Suite, she agrees to spend more time with him as well. So much making out and giggling. Plus 20.

Surprisingly, Sean knows which lady he has to let go, and it's becoming clearer to us as well. Not that this fact will make it any easier to stomach.

"I woke up this morning knowing who I needed to send home," he says.

"I know how special she is and how much she brings to the table, so a part of me thinks that you'll be a fool to let her go." And so he must. And it's AshLee.

Minus 90 because of how crushed she is, and how happy they would have made each other long-term. Instead of a sure bet, he's rolling the dice.

"I thought it was you from the very beginning," Sean tries to explain through tears "and this was honestly the hardest decision I ever had to make."

Ashlee's response? "Alright." Then she gets in the car. Plus 50.

"It's hard to say goodbye to Sean because I loved him," AshLee says in her confessional. "I just feel real heavy in my heart. It's the ultimate reject."

Lindsay and Catherine remark that AshLee looks "pissed." Could be the understatement of all time after one of the most brutal exits in show history.


Was it the right call for Sean to send AshLee home?

Ash's reaction upon elimination: Right or wrong?

Who do you want to win The Bachelor?

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