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Ted Nugent. Piers Morgan.

The gloves came off again in a debate on gun control this week, and whichever side you’re on, it’s hard to deny that these two squaring off makes for quality TV.

Piers Morgan-Ted Nugent Debate

Piers and Ted sat down in Texas, where Morgan visited a gun range and tried out a rifle similar to the one used by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook massacre.

While admittedly "exciting," Piers cited his experience with the weapon – easy to use, fairly accurate – as justification for an assault weapons ban.


NRA member Ted bristled at that notion, accusing Piers of an "obsession" with guns and gun owners and imploring him to "leave us the hell alone."

Nugent offered his typically spirited defense of gun rights, arguing that they actually prevent crime and any that attempt to curb them is unconstitutional.

Ted accused Piers of using misleading statistics about gun-related deaths and offered some figures of his own, which Morgan derided as "bull."

Nugent’s usual vitriol against President Obama was actually subdued by his standards, but he made his vehement opposition to his views clear.

The lines are drawn: Who do you side with?