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Gun-loving rocker Ted Nugent will attend Tuesday night’s State of the Union address and hold his own press conference afterward, according to reports.

Nugent’s defense of 2nd Amendment rights and inflammatory insults of President Obama have made him a hero with many conservatives in recent years.

While this certainly feels like a spectacle, Nugent, who will attend as a guest of Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), insists he will be on his best behavior.

“I will be there with a deep, abiding respect for the office of the presidency,” he said.


“I’m not here to represent any specific cause other than freedom and independence and ‘we the people.’ I will go in at least 20 pounds lighter than I normally walk,” he said.

Yes … Nugent will actually show up unarmed.

“I will be going in sans the hardware store on my belt,” the avid firearms enthusiast joked. “I live a well-armed life, but I’ve got to demilitarize before I go.”

Piers Morgan-Ted Nugent Debate

As vocal and unfiltered as he is passionate, Ted Nugent got into it with Piers Morgan on CNN last week, encouraging him to “leave us the hell alone.”

Stockman’s office said Nugent “speaks for millions of Americans who understand how the Second Amendment protects freedom and stops crime.”

There’s no doubt his presence will spur emotions on both sides of the spectrum regarding guns and gun safety, already delicate issues to say the least.

About 20 members of Congress have given away extra tickets tonight to relatives and friends of people who died in a violent episode involving a gun.

Nugent also has a history of provocative, even borderline threatening, remarks about Obama, including urging followers to “chop heads off” last year.

The U.S. Capitol Police said simply that “It is at the member of Congress or senator’s discretion who receives a ticket from their respective office.”

“Invited ticketholders with proper photo ID will be allowed into the event.”