Rob Kardashian Packs on Pounds, Vows to Lose Weight

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As usual, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian took Miami this Sunday night, but a focus of this ridiculous show's most recent episode was Rob Kardashian.

Specifically, Rob Kardashian and the weight he packed on while dating Rita Ora in 2012. Whined the reality star at one point:

"It's crazy how this whole year, my whole relationship was only negative. All I did was gain f-cking 40 pounds and lose so much money. I'm so insecure. I weigh like 215 pounds. I hate pictures. I hate everything."

Fat Rob Kardashian

Fortunately, however, Kardashian has decided to do something about his packing on of pounds.

Rob is now on a diet, documenting his meals across Twitter and Instagram (a recent breakfast was comprised of egg whites and grapefruit) and motivating himself to go on five-mile runs.

We recommend a delicious tomato soup recipe as a healthy/hearty weigh to slim down, while Twitter followers are also there to inspire the plump star.

Wrote one after Rob talked up his body mass and his plans to change: "You don't have to talk down on yourself because you gained a little weight. You're dieting! And remember, beauty come in all shapes and sizes. Don't let what others think kill your vibe."


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