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Patrick Carney is certainly making the most of his time as Justin Bieber’s foil.

The Black Keys drummer started a feud with the young star last week when he implied Bieber makes bad music, but should be happy because he’s rich.

Justin, in turn, said Carney should be slapped. And Carney, in turn, changed his Twitter profile to make it look like he actually is Justin Bieber.

As you might expect, a few (million) Beliebers took issue with this move and Carney has reacted to their taunts by doing a parody of their pop star idol.


Here is a sampling of Carney’s mock-filled replies to insults hurled by Bieber followers:

  • “In order 2 give u guys full swag I have changed my stage name to Justin Bieber.”
  • “I luv all you! I need to get my beauty swag. Swag you guyz later! – Justin”
  • “My word tour resumes in Europe tomorrow. I will swag u all so much (Don’t forget to pick up my new toothbrush) luv u!”

“No one understands. I was bieber for a weekend. It sockeds! Felt like a scary grandpa and an old prick bitch,” Carney Tweeted Wednesday, seemingly putting an end to his impersonations.

Them are fighting words, however. Choose a side in this feud now: