Mary-Louise Parker Denies Threatening to KILL Antique Shop Owner, Using Gay Slur

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Mary-Louise Parker adamantly denies calling an Upstate N.Y. antique shop owner the f-word or threatening his life ... both things he is actually accusing her of.

Here's what went down, according to the actress' rep:


The former Weeds star visited the store January 2 with her friend, who was reportedly owed money by the shop owner for selling one of her purses.

The shop owner refused to pay Parker's friend and an argument ensued, during which the owner tried to take advantage of MLP's celebrity status.

He claimed she threatened his life - falsely, the rep says.

For her part, Parker says she had nothing to do with the fight involving her friend and the guy at all and even left the store so as not to be roped into it.

Parker's rep adds that she would never use a gay slur.

Daniel Seldin says otherwise, filing an incident report with police following the alleged altercation, accusing the actress of threatening his life. Seriously.

According to Seldin, Parker asked if he wanted to wake up tomorrow, and said all it would take to prevent that would be "one phone call" on her part.

Maybe the guy's just watching too many Weeds reruns.

Seldin insists he's telling the truth and says, "I felt totally berated and violated." He paid Parker's friend the money he owed her in spite of all this.

Who do you believe?

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