Man Dressed as Zebra Tries to Escape Japan Zoo in Earthquake Preparedness Drill

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The headline above and video below speak for themselves.

A guy dressed as a zebra attempted to flee a Japanese zoo in an earthquake preparedness drill designed to train employees for such a situation. Good times.

Taking full precautions so that no animals go missing in an earthquake, Tokyo's Tama Zoo came up with an elaborate (and unintentionally funny drill).

Similating a realistic sense of fear and emergency (and hilariousness) the zoo employed a human to dress in a zebra suit and terrorize the other workers.

Well, as much as a dude running around in a zebra suit can terrorize anything.

The man-zebra put forth a good effort, delivering a nice head-butt to one of the workers, but he was fake tranquilized in the end. Mission accomplished!

No word on whether a zebra was chosen due to its prisoner-like appearance.

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