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Lindsay Lohan SWEARS that until a few days ago, she had NO IDEA she owed her former lawyer Shawn Holley money, let alone a small fortune.

Easy mistake. It’s not like they ever see each other. Oh wait …

Now that she’s aware of what she owes, the troubled star has supposedly put Shawn at the top of her list of creditors … and boy is that a long list.

Lindsay and Bader Image

How she could actually be unaware of this fact is amazing and probably impossible, even for her. First of all, the amount is AT LEAST $150,000.


Not exactly a tab you forget, unless you’re utterly clueless. Second, celebrity gossip sites have been reporting on Holley’s outstanding bills for two weeks.

All you have to do is go online, girl!

Lohan has been money of late from appearances, endorsements, photo shoots and some acting gigs, but she’s also been spending it like a madman.

First class tickets, expensive hotels, restaurants, clothes. It’s like the cautionary tale of what not to do that they teach you in credit counseling class.

This is a girl who ALSO owes $130,000 in back taxes. She claims she’s cutting back so she can pay that and Shawn. We’ll hold our breath, no doubt.

The financial factors that have Lindsay Lohan broke and/or deep in the hole are manifold, but Holley at least managed to keep her out of jail.

Now that LiLo inexplicably fired her, the star’s future is far less clear. Since doing so, she’s made a desperate plea to win Shawn back, to no avail.

2013 should be quite a year.