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Under fire from the royal family and others for running Kate Middleton baby bump photos in its latest issue, Italy’s Chi Magazine has no regrets.

Most mainstream publications declined to run the photos. Not Chi, whose boss, Alfonso Signorini, stands by his decision to distribute the images:

Signorini said in a statement Wednesday:

“The photographs were bought from an international agency. We cannot talk about a violation of privacy when we publish pictures of public people in a public place.”

“You can’t compare this with the media persecution of Lady Diana. I cannot stress enough that the photos were taken in a public place, not private property.”


Owned by a corporation of ultra-rich residents, the Caribbean island of Mustique consists of just 2.2 square miles and holds about 100 private villas.

St. James’ Palace released a statement about the new set of pictures being published by Chi, calling it a “clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.”

Signorini doesn’t believe Chi, which also ran topless pics of Kate last year, owes an apology for sharing the pictures with the tabloid’s readers, saying:

“[The Italian press] has not made a gentlemen’s agreement [like the U.K.] with the Royal Household. Where is this so-called scandal they are trying to make it out as?”

After Chi published a 26-page spread of Kate Middleton nude on private property, the couple’s royal press secretary slammed the tabloid’s ethical practices.

Kate and Prince William may have less of a legal axe to grind in this case, but you can expect they will continue to raise hell about it if nothing else.

And if it’s any consolation … Kate Middleton bikini photos are very attractive. The royal heir(ess) in her belly is going to inherit some good genes.

Tabloids running Kate baby bump pics: Right or wrong?