Justin Bieber's Mom: Keep Me Out of Abortion Debate!

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Justin Bieber finds herself in the middle of a heated debate, and not over whether or her son ought to reconcile with Selena Gomez.

Yes, Pattie Mallette is promoting the film Crescendo because she hopes it will raise money for centers that assist pregnant women - but, no, she is not taking any kind of pro-choice stance.

Justin Bieber's Mom

"The press has been saying that I'm producing an anti-abortion film and taking this big stance," Mallette told The AP. "You know, I haven't shared my stance with anyone and I'm not here to make a political statement, so there's been a lot of assumptions made."

Mallette gave birth to Bieber at 18 and has been open about the pressure on her to terminate the pregnancy at the time. She also attempted suicide many years ago and dabbled in drugs and alcohol.

But the promotion of this movie, Mallette says, is to support programs such as the one that essentially saved her life after she was kicked out of her parents' home.

"The pregnancy center that I lived in is now closed because of lack of funds, so I thought it was a really important thing that [producers are] doing to raise money."

On a lighter side, Mallette was also asked about Justin's butt crack, which he shared last month with Instagram followers.

"I don't want to see him doing that kind of stuff," she said. "But, you know, he's 18. He's making some of his own decisions and he's going to make some mistakes and he's going to make some good choices, too."


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