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John Galliano has once again angered some members of the Jewish community.

The designer, who was fired from Christian Dior in 2011 after declaring his love for Hitler on video, was photographed yesterday outside a friend’s Manhattan apartment – and his outfit has apparently angered some local Jewish leaders.

Seeing the long jacket, the hat and and the curly sideburns, Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind asked The New York Post:

“Who is he mocking? If it was just anyone else, I wouldn’t know what to say. But considering who this guy is, considering his background and what he’s said in the past, let him explain it to all of us: Are you mocking us?”


Galliano was found guilty of hate crimes in a Paris court about 18 months ago. He was sentenced to a fine, but avoided jail time.

What do you think of his above outfit? Is he mocking Jewish folks?