Jenelle Evans: I Didn't Do Heroin While Pregnant!

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Jenelle Evans adamantly denies doing heroin while pregnant or that drug use caused her miscarriage, as estranged husband Courtland Rogers alleges.

Earlier this week, Rogers made the shocking claim that heroin caused the miscarriage Jenelle suffered just seven weeks into the couple's pregnancy.

Pic of Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers

“The whole time I’m telling Jenelle you can’t be doing this s–t. It’s going to kill our baby,” Courtland said on video. “That’s why she had a miscarriage.”

Courtland, of course, claims he warned her about it. Now Jenelle Evans is firing back at Rogers, saying she’s been completely clean since Thanksgiving.

Jenelle, who has no problem admitting her past troubles, took to her Twitter to deny the claims, saying it's been over two months since she did drugs.

“I’ve been clean since the week of Thanksgiving. #truth,” she tweeted.

“No since after the week of Thanksgiving,” she added later.

Glad she cleared that up.

She also re-tweeted a friend saying "Courtland outed Jenelle's doctors 'info' but really outing himself. Nothin wrong if u need Xanax for anxiety. But he is an abuser."

Courtland Rogers also alleged that "the OBGYN asked why she had opiates in her system" and that she also took herself off her bipolar medication while pregnant.

The couple separated just days before she miscarried; they had been married for the previous 51 days, many of which were actually drama free.

Also, Courtland is reportedly in jail for the next 48 hours for double assault and obtaining goods under false pretenses, at least according to Evans' Twitter.

So, there's your update for the next few hours.


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