Jenelle Evans: Battling Andrew Lewis For Custody of Jace?!

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Is Jenelle Evans - who doesn't even have custody of her son Jace - in a renewed battle with her baby daddy Andrew Lewis? One tabloid says she is.

In 2011 Lewis signed legal papers giving full custody of his son, now 3, to his ex, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle, 21, and her mother, Barbara (Bahhhbrah).


But now Andrew says he's banned from seeing Jace - and is pissed.

“I didn’t know how permanent it would be,” he explains, adding that with Jenelle’s alleged drug use and rehab stints, Jace is being "raised in an unhealthy environment."

Well, yeah. But that's why she doesn't have custody, Drew.

“This is the right time for me to get involved,” he says.

The past three years of being totally MIA? Not the right time apparently. Andrew also claims, on that note, that he has tried to play a role in Jace's life … to no avail.

“I contacted Barbara, I contacted Jenelle, they never tell me anything,” he says.

“A year ago, I contacted Barbara out of the blue. I said ‘Hey Barbara, how are you, how’s Jace? I'm thinking about coming to visit, is it okay?’ She said ‘no’, and that’s it.”

Lewis says Jenelle’s revolving door of boyfriends - James Duffy, Kieffer Delp, Gary Head, Courtland Rogers - is just confusing Jace about his family situation.

He's probably not wrong there. Lots of peeps have been engaged to her or at least seen Jenelle Evans nude. Some have even Tweeted photos of it.

“She’s confusing her own child,” Andrew says of Jenelle’s love life. “One moment she’s with this guy, next moment she’s with that guy, next moment she’s with this guy."

"You’re confusing your own son. Why would you want to do that?”

Somehow we're guessing Jenelle Evans is not thinking about Jace's take on some of the decisions she's made over the years. Call us crazy on that deduction.

Clearly, Jenelle has plenty to say about her ex.

"[Andrew Lewis] is an abusive alcoholic. Andrew even admitted on camera how he used to abuse me while he was drunk," she said on the Teen Mom 2 Season 3 reunion.

So there's that. We just have two words to add:

Poor Jace.


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