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It may not reveal the whereabouts of Christopher Dorner, but – as one law enforcement source says – we now know what the alleged killer "was up to" days before he went on a killing spree last week.

TMZ has uncovered surveillance from a Southern California sporting goods store that shows the ex-LAPD officer purchasing an assortment of Scuba equipment.

Christopher Dorner Surveilliance Video

Taken on February 1, the video depicts Dorner paying for a couple Scuba tanks and refilling them with Oxygen. He’s also laughing with the cashier.

Two days after this interaction, the bodies of Dorner’s first two victims were found in Los Angeles.


A $1 million reward has now been offered by police for information that leads to the arrest of Dorner, who is on the loose and who left Facebook messages that threatened both his former colleagues and their families.

He believes he was unfairly fired from the police department in 2008.

U.S. Marshals now have a copy of this surveillance footage, which is of interest because Dorner reportedly tried to steal a boat on February 6. But the scheme was abandoned when his prop got tangled in a rope.