The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Hostile House Husbands

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills delve into some "Moroccan Madness" this week, but why do the husbands seem even crazier than the wives? 

We recap all the lawsuits and lemon cleanses in THG's +/- recap!

Taylor Brings the Drama

We finish off Brandi's sit-down with Scheana Marie, who she tells not to be the other woman again. She even seems to sincerely wish her well and move on. Plus 40.

For the Housewife who throws the F-word around more than anyone, Brandi Glanville showed more class than any other woman on the show.

Kyle meets with Yolanda where they pick lemons for a 10 day cleanse. 10 DAYS of nothing but some strange lemon concoction? Minus 15.

I'm with Kyle. Why doesn't anybody ever do a cookie cleanse?

Yolanda's miffed because this is the third time Kim hasn't shown for her cleanse date.  I think Kim should earn a pass on this one.  Who makes a date to cleanse?

Besides, Kim is visiting with her life coach, Gary. Plus 12 because at least Kim is talking to someone and still taking her sobriety seriously.  She even addresses how unhappy she is with her sister.  That's a big step.

Later Kim takes the first step and apologizes to Kyle.  Plus 14.

But Kyle looks less than thrilled.  She's still not convinced her sister's not going to fall off the wagon.  It's hard to blame her but that attitude will make it awfully hard to move forward.  Minus 9.

Lisa looks to be the happiest of the bunch when she wanders home to find that Ken has planned a romantic surprise.  He's constructed a large pink swing and a heart shaped flower garden.  It's suppose to be reminiscent of their early days as a couple. 

Plus 20. Lisa is actually giggling she's so happy.  

Adrienne and Paul are MIA this week.  They're supposedly off in New York and I can't really say I missed them at all so plus 10.

But Mauricio seems to be channeling their spirit.  When the husbands start to get more riled up than the housewives, then we've got issues.  

It looks like Adrienne is suing Brandi.  Minus 22. What is she suing her for? Being mean to her?  

Really, Adrienne has made so much of this secret that it just makes the audience more curious about it.  If everyone would stop bringing it up every ten minutes, no one would even remember the incident.  

I love how Mauricio keeps spouting off, asking Brandi why she even brought up her issues with Adrienne in the first place and all the while Kyle sits there and stares at the floor.  Minus 18.

I guess Kyle failed to mention to her husband that she pushed Brandi for an answer that fateful day.  Brandi was quick to share the gossip but Kyle was the one actively looking for it.

And Lisa points out how quiet this group was when Adrienne spread rumors about her selling stories to the press.  No one came to Lisa's aid the way they've run to defend Adrienne.

The way Mauricio kept pushing Brandi, I was surprised she lasted as long as she did before telling him to F- off!

As if that weren't enough drama for this Moroccan themed party, Taylor seems to be consuming all of the alcohol that Kim's no longer drinking.  Minus 12.  How long until she's the next one in need of an intervention?

And what party is complete without Kyle doing her version of a belly dance.  Minus 13. Could the splits be far behind? 


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