Casey Anthony: Debt Counseling CHAMPION!

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Casey Anthony is now well versed in credit and debt counseling.

Casey A.

Having filed for Chapter 7 Friday, the bankrupt Casey Anthony owes almost $800,000 to over 80 creditors (most notably attorney Jose Baez, at $500,000).

With only $1,000 to her name, bankruptcy protection was her only option, but before filing, she was required to complete a debt counseling class.

According to official documents, the acquitted child murder suspect enrolled in an online course and passed with flying colors. CONSOLIDATE THIS!

What her next step is remains a mystery.

Chapter 7 or not, it's unclear how Casey plans to make money in the future, as no publisher or morning show wants to touch her with a ten-foot pole.

Anthony may have won her freedom in a court of law, but life is anything but free, and no one seems interested in helping her climb out of the hole.


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