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You know what they say: don’t let a ridiculous marketing opportunity about a Heisman Trophy finalist’s fake girlfriend go to waste.

The Florence Freedom, an independent minor league baseball team, announced last night that it would hold Manti Te’o Girlfriend Bobblehead Day on May 23, a promotion that will include:

  • Empty boxes of bobblehead dolls.
  • A kiss cam for fans to smooch their imaginary friends.
  • An air guitar contest.

Freedom general manager Josh Anderson said the event is a great way to generate “buzz” for the season, adding of any controversy that might arise:

“I don’t know who we’d be offending. It would just be isolated to the guy who made his season based off this story.”

Unless a new report is accurate, Te’o was a victim and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo is behind the scam.

What do you think? A Manti Te’o Girlfriend Bobblehead Day is…