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Lindsay Lohan just took an absolute beating in 2012.

Metaphorically mostly, although she does look worse for the wear, as we’ve seen in comparisons such as the one below or a look back at the Mean Girls cast then and now.

To the actress’ credit, she was true to her word and did not get sloshed on New Year’s, returning to her London hotel just before the stroke of midnight.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Unfortunately, the battle ahead looks difficult for the star.

2012 was a year that saw Lindsay …

  • Get into a car crash on the Pacific Coast Highway.
  • Get charged criminally for lying to police about it.
  • Have her probation for jewelry theft revoked.
  • Get arrested for punching Tiffany Mitchell.
  • Get arrested for hit and run at least once.
  • Call 911 after an epic fight with her mom.
  • Succumb to exhaustion at least once.
  • Have the IRS seize her bank accounts.
  • Become so broke she can barely pay rent.
  • Star in Liz and Dick. Oye.
  • Look 45 when she’s 26.

Happy New Year, Lindsay. It can’t get much worse than last.