Lindsay Lohan Freaks Out, Flies to L.A. For Court

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Lindsay Lohan took the last flight from JFK to LAX Tuesday night after being warned that she'd be in DEEP if she really did call in sick for court.

Lindsay Lohan's Teeth

Mom Dina came along as Lindsay Lohan, broke and deeply in debt, flew first class on American Airlines and landed at around 12:30 this morning.

LiLo had no intention of showing Wednesday and got a doctor's note filed with the court, saying she couldn't fly due to a respiratory infection.

So much for that.

Pictures of Lindsay shopping and smoking in SoHo the very day she got the doctor's note were published on celebrity news site TMZ. Busted, baby!

After TMZ - a lawyer-run site, mind you - claimed that the judge would probably issue a warrant for her arrest if she didn't show, Lohan panicked. 

Lindsay sources claiming she's pleading with Shawn Holley, the attorney she fired this month, to come back, saying she didn't like replacement Mark Heller.

What. A. Mess.

Holley made it clear days ago she's off the case, so it's now up to Heller, who clearly started off on the wrong foot by submitting the doctor's note.

Heller also sent along a New York Post article saying a lot of people in NYC had the flu. Not that Lindsay is one of them, of course. Pretty shady.

The lawyer Heller got to sponsor him to appear in a California court has also never met him, so it's possible the judge could deny him the right to represent Lindsay.

So Lindsay could be lawyer-less when she face the music for lying to police after her summer car crash today (11:30 EST). It could get ugly really fast.

Lohan: Will she do time in 2013?

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