Karrueche Tran Speaks on Chris Brown-Rihanna Love Triangle, Fashion Line

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Rolling Out magazine features Karrueche Tran nude in its newest issue, but Chris Brown's model (ex?) girlfriend bares more than just her (hot!) body.

Clearly, she has a lot to talk about, and does so with surprising candor.

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Somewhere in between falling in love with Chris Brown and pursuing a modeling career in California, her world changed forever over the past 18 months.

“I first realized there was a change [when] more people would talk about me in blogs and such,” Karrueche Tran says of the moment she realized this.

”And the paparazzi would take pictures and follow me when I wasn’t around [Chris Brown]. I was like ‘Chris is not here, why are you following me?’"

"I was constantly seeing myself on blogs and websites. It was kind of weird.”

There are challenges to dating a music superstar, especially one whose ex-girlfriend is also a superstar ... who he was once arrested for assaulting.

Their love grew, but so did reports of Chris Brown and Rihanna back together. Before long she was unwittingly caught up in an ongoing tabloid frenzy.

So what's her take on being one third of the celebrity gossip world's craziest love triangle? “It was very hard. I try my best to just ignore the negativity," she said.

Admittedly, the 24-year-old admits, "[that] is hard for me because it’s a lot to deal with. But I try to keep a positive mind and stay strong and not put energy into it.”

“The most challenging part was the negativity and the misconception from some people. People only see you in blogs and they think they know everything."

"There are things that go public and everything that comes out is not the truth.”

On what she has learned this past year: “I’ve learned to find happiness within myself. I’ve also built a strong core. The past year was a big growing up process."

"Not to say I was immature before, but my eyes were opened to a lot of things.”

One part of Tran’s personal growth is stepping out and cultivating her own brand. In 2013, she will debut her clothing line, The-Kill ... with Chris Brown.

“Chris wanted to start his women’s line,” she says. “He asked me to be the head of the line. I brought along Ugo Mozie and MiMi Gazelle as my creative team.”

The clothing line was inspired in part by La Roux’s 2009 hit, “In for the Kill.” While listening to the song on repeat, Tran came up with the name, The-Kill.

She certainly kills it in these pics. Wowza.

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