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Chris Brown and Rihanna were seen together at the annual Christmas Day NBA game in L.A. yesterday, arriving in the same car and sitting side-by-side.

Despite many a clandestine rendezvous and some suggestive Instagram photos of late, it’s the first time in years they’ve arrived at an event together.

The two arrived to the arena in the same car, but got out of the vehicle separately, according to TMZ, most likely to avoid celebrity gossip attention.

They eventually met up inside and sat together in courtside seats, making for an unabashedly public date in front of 18,000 fans plus millions of TV viewers.


L.A. defeated New York at Staples Center, 100-94. We know you were wondering.

Chris Brown and Rihanna haven’t officially announced they’re a couple, though this would certainly suggest it … then again you never know with them.

Rihanna declared herself single just a few weeks ago, at which point Chris was jetting to Paris with Karrueche Tran and allegedly banging Ayem Nour.

Chris dumped Karrueche this summer, citing his “friendship” with Rihanna and recording a lame ass video about how hard it is to love two people (below).

Chris Brown Drunk Rant

Are he and Rihanna a legit couple again? Is he stringing two people along with no plans to commit? Is it all a huge PR ploy to keep them relevant?

Impossible to say … but if it is the latter, well played.

So, that pretty much brings you up to date on the life and times of Chris Brown’s junk. Until the next shirtless Twitpic, drunken rant or nightclub fight …