Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson: At Odds Over Joe Simpson?

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Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson, her fiance and the father of her child(ren), are reportedly at odds, and the source of the friction may surprise you:

Joe Simpson.

It's not anything that Joe's done - at least to them - that has the couple arguing, but rather her treatment of the elder Simpson in the last six months.

Eric Johnson w/ Jessica Simpson

Jessica wants nothing to do with Joe, 54, after his marriage to her mom Tina fell apart and he was rumored to be involved in a series of gay trysts.

Is Joe Simpson gay? That has not been confirmed, but Eric feels that Jessica has treated her dad unfairly in any case, and that has caused a rift.

Eric, 33, believes deep down that Joe is a good person, and he thinks he’s being unjustly shunned, resulting in considerable friction with Jessica, 32.

“Jessica and Eric were constantly arguing about Joe while in Hawaii,” a source close to the couple, who recently confirmed her second pregnancy, says.

“It’s something they can’t see eye-to-eye on, and it really spoiled the trip for a lot of family members who felt uncomfortable in their presence."

“Jessica is still keeping Joe at an arms-length following news of the scandal and she can’t manage to forgive him yet for what she did to Tina."

"She just doesn’t want anything to do with him right now."

Joe, Jessica and Tina Simpson

Eric however, "really thinks she’s being too hard on Joe. In his eyes he’s a decent man who made a terrible mistake and should be given another chance."

However, "Jessica countered that Eric doesn’t know Joe the way she does, and if Joe continues to be in their life he will destroy what they have."

“In what was supposed to be a relaxing time for the pair of them actually turned out to be more stressful,” the source divulges of the pair's vacation.

It was, by any measure, a tumultuous 2012 for Joe. Jessica’s former manager was implicated in gay sex scandals and split from his wife of 34 years.

He has been linked to aspiring model Bryce Chandler Hill and male escort Joey Anderson. Both alleged paramours are considerably younger than he.

Joe Simpson: Gay?

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