Sam Claflin: Hot Enough to Play Finnick Odair?

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In Catching Fire, Finnick Odair is described as extraordinarily confident and attractive.

He beds ladies in the Capitol, he wears very little clothing, he handles a trident like a champion.

But in light of Entertainment Weekly giving fans their first look at Sam Claflin in this role, many have voiced their complaints online, most of which go something like this:


Sam Claflin as Finnick

Having hoped for a well-known Hollywood beefcake such as Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum to take on the character, Hunger Games lovers are going off to Yahoo.

"I personally don't think he is hot ENOUGH to be Finnick," writes a user named Macey. "He's hot, sure, just not the 'Finnick hot' impression you get from reading the book."

So let the debate commence, THGers: is Sam Claflin hot enough to portray Finnick Odair?

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