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The Jenelle Evans divorce drama is still a fluid situation, but the Teen Mom 2 star is in the throes of an epic Twitter rant about her relationship and health status.

Since kicking Courtland Rogers to the curb for getting drunk (confirmed) and peacing out on his pregnant wife (also confirmed), she’s been tearing him a new one.

Rogers allegedly abused the reality star at some point in the last 96 hours (he denies this), during which she was hospitalized with a miscarriage scare.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

She filed assault charges against Rogers (one on behalf of their unborn child) and declared she is getting a divorce. That’s what we know for a fact.

Beyond that, here’s what we’ve gleaned from her Twitter feed today:

  • She is going by Jenelle Evans again, not Jenelle Rogers.
  • She has been reaching out to her ex-fiance Gary Head.
  • She’s sad that “all this drama is all over the Internet”
  • She has “neck and head painsssssssss.”
  • She posted of an iPhone screen grab, apparently showing a text from a female who claims Courtland Rogers spent the night with her recently.
  • She has re-tweeted dozens of supportive tweets, including one from someone referring to Courtland’s baby mama Taylor as a swamp donkey.

And that about brings you up to date. For the next 12 minutes.