Fifty Shades of Grey: Sex Industry Juggernaut!

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Fifty Shades of Grey has been huge for the sex business, toy and video style.

“Soft bondage is really hot now,” explained Rick Lockett, V.P. of Liberator, an Atlanta-based company that markets what it calls “bedroom adventure gear.”

Lockett said business has been booming in part due to the popularity of - what else - Fifty Shades of Grey - the hyper-sexual New York Times best-seller.

50 Shades, Cuffs

The erotic novel about a young woman’s submissive relationship with a sexually adventurous businessman has sold millions of copies - and inspired its readers.

Not for its terrible dialogue, of course, but with the bedroom action.

The Fifty Shades effect on the adult entertainment business has been profound of late, providing a boon to an industry that has struggled in recent years.

In the era of free online porn, the prompted a surge of interest in adult products by people suddenly eager to embrace different sides of their sexuality.

“People, as we evolve, are becoming more sexually open and more socially acceptable of sex,” said James Deen, one of the industry’s most popular male stars;

The 26-year-old Deen, who's starring in his first mainstream film role opposite Lindsay Lohan in The Canyons, is famous beyond the adult industry.

“What used to be shocking isn’t really shocking anymore,” Deen said. “It’s awesome that human sexuality is evolving, and I hope we continue to evolve."

"Sex should be about having a good time and being who you are."

“Everybody is talking about riding the wave. When people are introduced to a new way of looking at sex, you can’t really remove that from society. It’s there.”

Has 50 Shades of Grey changed the way you think about sex?