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There’s no question that the best-selling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey features some steamy bedroom scenes … but just how steamy will the movie adaptation be?

Enough to warrant an NC-17 rating? Don’t rule that possibility out.

Screenwriter Kelly Marcel reassures fans that all of those sex-driven scenes from the book – basically the entire book – will not be ignored for the film.

“We are 100 percent going there,” Marcel said in a recent interview.

She then added. “It will be rated NC-17. It will be raunchy.”


Sounds like a spanking good time will be had by all … or not.

However, a rep for Universal tells E! News, “A screenplay has not yet been written, a rating has not been designated and we have no further comment.”

R-rated films have some pretty intense sex scenes, of course, so it’s not like you’d get Fifty Shades of Vanilla just because it wasn’t deemed NC-17.

Either way, you’re going to see sex. It’s just a matter of how hardcore and from which angles you’ll see Christian Grey ransacking Anastasia Steele.

It would make for major movie news if they went the NC-17 route, as the most anticipated film in years would thus be restricted to a smaller audience.

So basically, no chance is a blockluster film getting an NC-17 rating. Unless it’s because the dialogue lifted from the books is deemed that unbearable.

Seriously. It’s unintentionally, hilariously bad.

What’s your take? Do you want to see everything in the 50 Shades movie? Do you think Fifty Shades of Grey should get an NC-17 rating?