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Drunk Steubenville (Ohio) High School athletes can be seen in a viral video – leaked by Anonymous – joking and laughing about a 16-year-old girl getting raped.

The disturbing 12-minute tape, posted online by the hacktivist group “Knight Sec,” shows teens cracking jokes about a rape that allegedly took place August 22.

Steubenville High School Students Joke About Rape (Leaked)

One teenage guy appears to refer to the victim as "deader than Trayvon Martin" and adds, "she is so raped her p**sy is about as dry as the sun right now."

The underage girl, who was from a neighboring town, was allegedly transported, assaulted and photographed by athletes from local Steubenville High.


The video, which was allegedly posted to YouTube on the night of the incident, has been brought to the attention of local police – and social media.

According to the New York Times, Twitter posts, videos and photographs suggest that the unconscious girl had been sexually assaulted over several hours.

The newspaper wrote in detail about how the unresponsive victim was allegedly penetrated and violated, sometimes on camera, and possibly urinated on.

So far, two football players, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, have been charged with rape and kidnapping, but this was not enough for Anonymous.

Spurred perhaps by the Times piece – and its own hacking victory over the Westboro Baptist Church – the group decided to become involved.

Anonymous seemed enraged by what it feels is a cover-up by authorities and school officials in Steubenville, a town where high school football is king.

The Steubenville Big Red has won three state titles since 2006. Thus, Knight Sec kicked off #OpRedRoll with a website, Stopbigred (dot) com.

The tape was leaked and publicized this week, along with a list of the names of football players who may have witnessed or participated in the alleged rape.

Anonymous FTW, again.