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The Real Housewives of Atlanta are “Fools of Engagement” but not everyone looking for a ring will get one. We break down the tears and misunderstandings in THG’s recap!  +/- review.

We jump back in to the Anguilla trip with crazy Kenya doing her Gone With the Wind impersonation and storming off.

Plus 12 because that’s still funny and if you missed it the first time you can check out our review of last week’s “I Do…But, I Won’t” that kicked it off.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya runs off to cry to Walter that Porsha called her a tramp. Well if she weren’t rubbing herself all over other people’s husbands maybe there’d be less to talk about. Minus 10.


Wouldn’t it be fun to know what’s going through Walter’s mind?  Hmm.  Maybe not. He is the one dating the crazy woman, after all.

On the other side of the resort we got the re-enactments.  NeNe tries to replicate Kenya’s Gone With the Wind meltdown for Kandi and then Gregg joins in.  Plus 15. That may have been even funnier than Kenya herself.

The next day Kenya tries to apologize…sort of.  NeNe got it right when she pointed out that she’s had to apologize many times in her life and this Girl, was not an apology.  Minus 18.  

Kenya can’t seem to apologize to anyone without their being some backhanded dig to go along with it.  She even tries to make amends with Cynthia by giving her Vanessa Williams book. Minus 13.  She seems to think Cynthia needs some advice on running her agency.

It doesn’t go well. Who could have seen that coming?

We finally make it to the last dinner party of the trip and Peter gets up to make a toast.  Honestly I think he’s just enjoying poking the bear and it is kind of fun to watch. Plus 11.

Peter calls Walter out. It’s their last day on the island. Is he going to propose or what?

Wow!  That’s ballsy bordering on downright rude…but an awful lot of fun to watch as Walter and Kenya squirm.  Plus 10.

As the rest of the table chats about their own proposal stories, several of the women mention they’d never want to have to pressure a man to propose to them.  It’s the proverbial slap in Kenya’s face.

When Walter finally comes clean, he has no intention of proposing on this trip, Kenya freaks.

She practically accuses Walter of lying to her but he points out that he only said that eloping was an option. He didn’t mean they’d do it now and she was hearing what she wanted to hear.  He’s failed at the marriage thing once already. He won’t be pushed into it until he’s sure.  Plus 15.

Kenya is crushed.  She wants a ring and she wants it now.  Does anyone think these two will survive Anguilla?