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The Real Housewives of Atlanta made us wonder who would say, “I Do… But, I Won’t” as the Anguilla adventure continued. We recap all the love, romance, and tramp stamps in our THG +/- review

We dive back into Anguilla with Kenya asking Phaedra which of her friends she’d give Apollo as a birthday present. What?!? Minus 18.

Phaedra comments that Kenya needs to, “put some ice in your panties because it’s just not a good look for you.” Plus 8. I’d give more points if she’d have said that to Kenya’s face.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Did anyone else notice how uncomfortable Kenya and Walter looked at dinner when the rest of the couples were joking about how much sex they were having on the trip?  Huh? So Kenya’s comfortable flirting with every man who crosses her path but couples talking about working the third shift is a problem.

Minus 10.  That’s just weird. Wasn’t she just joking about having a threesome with Phaedra’s husband?

Although I really didn’t need to know that Kandi and Todd christened the hot tub. Minus 12. Where is Phaedra Parks and her Lysol when you need it?

NeNe calls Kenya out, telling her she doesn’t think she and Walter are the real deal.  Plus 5 for being direct. At least she says it to Kenya’s face instead of just behind her back.

But the big event is Peter’s surprise vow renewal with Cynthia.  When he tells the men about it Gregg offers him a couple of viagra. Minus 13. So that explains Gregg hanging all over NeNe.  He’s making sure he’s ready but I’m pretty sure Peter’s able to man up drug free.

The vow renewal ceremony is beautiful. Peter and Cynthia have survived a lot of crap and they deserved this wonderful day. 

I may not always be Peter’s biggest fan but he did it right this time.  Plus 30.

And to keep the romance going each couple lights a lantern and sends it off over the waves, which sounds lovely unless you are Kenya or Kandi.  Their lanterns crashed and burned instead of sailing off towards the heavens. Minus 11. Is that a bad omen or just pure dumb luck?

NeNe damn near body blocked Kandi to get to that bouquet.  Plus 7 because it was actually kind of funny. Gregg looked so thrilled you’d think those silly flowers sealed the deal.

But everyone is happy for Cynthia and Peter…except Kenya who can’t stop thinking why not me?  She’s already a little unstable when her sit down with Porsha begins.

And why is Porsha rehashing their argument? Minus 18. These two women were silently loathing one another this entire trip. Can’t we leave it at that?

Apparently not. Porsha wants it all out on the table. Well, be careful what you wish for. 

Before you know it Kenya’s calling Porsha a b*tch and Porsha’s telling her to, “take your hood rat ass back to Detroit.”

Kenya gets all kinds of upset when Porsha calls her a tramp.  Minus 10.  Kenya’s not the one with the tramp stamp but honey, you were just rubbing your booty on another woman’s husband the night before so if the tramp stamp fits…

But who expected to see Ms. NeNe in the role of mediator and bouncer. Plus 15. She has to physically keep these two women apart while trying to broker some sort of peace.

When Kenya finally leaves the party with her flowing dress proclaiming,  “I’m Gone With the Wind fabulous” I began to wonder if she was off her meds.

And then I laughed out loud when NeNe gave that incredulous look, raised an eyebrow and asked, “B*tch, is it movie night?”  Plus 22.

And to think Anguilla’s not over yet. More next week.