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The Real Housewives of Atlanta warn to “Hold on to Your Weaves,” especially with Kenya at the wheel. We run down all of the inappropriate touching and stripper suits in THG’s +/- recap.

We head right back to the drama as Kim storms off and the ladies bad mouth her for not coming on the trip. Cynthia says they all make the effort to get together and they all have kids… except Kenya.

Plus 10. Love the little dig she threw in there.

Real Housewives of Atlanta

But the truth is most of them only have one child while Kim has three, going on four and a new husband.  Her family should be her priority.  In the end, Kim Zolciak just doesn’t fit in with this crowd and she doesn’t want to.  Time to move on. Plus 12.

To lighten the mood NeNe tells everyone she’s making an album.  Oh, thank goodness that’s a joke. Plus 7. A little NeNe goes a long way.

The rest of the ladies head to Anguilla, including Porsha and hubby Kordell who take Kim and Kroy’s place both on the trip and on the show from here on out.  

Cynthia may have just met Porsha but she’s thrilled she’s coming along as she says, “Any enemy of Kenya’s is a friend of mine.”  Plus 9.

Kenya does her best to ignore Porsha but it’s really the men that have all of her attention.  All she can talk about is getting Walter to propose.  As Phaedra mentions, “she’s like a dog with a bone” and it’s simply unattractive to be that desperate. Minus 13.

Being the live wire of the group, Kenya grabs the wheel of the speed boat and floors it, causing more than one wardrobe malfunction amongst the ladies.  At least everyone takes it well. Even Cynthia, who hates Kenya, quips that “a little nipple never hurt anyone.” Plus 15.

But soon enough Kenya’s mood takes another turn as she ends up with the junior suite with no bathtub.  Her despair leads Walter to ask if she’s taken her meds today.  Minus 18.  This is one high maintenance girl.

The Kenya show continues into the night as she gets a little too handsy with Apollo and throws him into the pool.  Minus 20.  Ms. Phaedra is not going to like that.

Elsewhere, Gregg and NeNe are getting cozy and if NeNe brought him along on the trip I have to wonder if that means she’s ready to dive back in.  Gregg has certainly made it clear that he wants her back.  Heck, he’ll tell anyone who is willing to listen.

Kandi’s boyfriend Todd surprises her and makes the trip.  Plus 10.  Then he orders her another drink when she shares that alcohol gets her all hot and bothered.  

Phaedra’s response to Kenya manhandling her man is to dress like a porn star the next day.  Minus 20.  That net stocking and thong set was definitely showing off a little too much booty for the general public, even in Anguilla.

But Kenya’s certainly not taking the hint.  She’s flirting with every man who comes close which includes rubbing herself up against Peter and asking some handsome stranger if she can borrow his sperm.  Minus 22.  

The climax comes when she asks Phaedra which two of her friends Apollo would be allowed to have as a birthday present.  Seriously?  Minus 30.  She’s lucky Phaedra didn’t smack her right then and there.

Of course this party’s not over yet.  Will Anguilla survive the visit?