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Move over, Tom Cruise. Take a seat, Brad Pitt. Not so fast, Julia Roberts.

Forbes has come out with its list of “Hollywood’s Best Actors for the Buck,” a rundown of the stars who earn the most money for studios – and none of the usual A-listers are included.

Instead, Natalie Portman sits in first place, as the Black Swan actress earns $42.70 for every dollar she’s paid.

Kristen Stewart Smiles
Photo via AFP via Getty Images

A close second? Kristen Stewart, who owes almost all of her success (which translates to $40.60 for every dollar she’s paid) to The Twilight Saga.


To arrive at these rankings, Forbes analyzed numbers from the last three films each actor/actress appeared in over the last three years.

From there, the magazine calculated the studio’s return on investment.

And, led by the above beauties, these are the most bankable stars in Hollywood:

  1. Natalie Portman – $42.70 for every dollar spent
  2. Kristen Stewart – $40.60 for every dollar spent
  3. Shia LaBeouf – $35.80 for every dollar spent
  4. Robert Pattinson – $31.70 for every dollar spent
  5. Daniel Radcliffe – $30.50 for every dollar spent