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Selena Gomez, have no fear.

No models were impregnated during Justin Bieber’s performance of "As Long as You Love Me" from his third studio album Believe, at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Justin Bieber Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performance

A lot has happened since the Canadian pop superstar serenaded the audience in all his sleeveless glory during the VS Fashion Show’s taping last month.

At the time of the taping, rumors swirled that Justin had become romantically involved with model Barbara Palvin. Shortly thereafter, he split with Selena.


Reports that Bieber’s wandering eye was to blame for the breakup – and that he was toying with the idea of sleeping with Victoria’s Secret models (plural) – followed.

Despite all of that, and one turbulent dinner date that ended in epic fashion, he and Selena appear to be back together and on good terms a month later.

At least until she sees the VS Fashion Show on TV and gets insecure again.

Biebs wasn’t the only pop star to take the stage at the event. Follow the link to check out Rihanna’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performance as well!