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Embattled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange promised Thursday to release more than a million files in 2013 which would affect "every country in the world."

"Despite an unprecedented criminal investigation and campaign to destroy WikiLeaks, 2012 has been a huge year," said Assange in a rare video message.

"Next year will be equally busy. WikiLeaks has well over a million documents to release."

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Assange, the Australian native founder of WikiLeaks, gave his speech from the balcony of Ecuador’s London embassy, where he has been given asylum.


He’s been holed up there since mid-June to avoid extradition to Sweden, where police want to question him about allegations of sexual misconduct.

He has not been charged with any crime by any country.

Assange has said he fears being sent to the U.S., which he believes will prosecute him for WikiLeaks’ release of classified diplomatic and military intelligence.

During Thursday’s address, he reiterated those fears:

"The U.S. investigation is referred to in testimony under oath in U.S. courts, is admitted by Department of Justice and by the District Attorney of Virginia as a fact."

""It’s subpoenas are being litigated in the courts. The Pentagon reissued its threats against me in September and claimed the very existence of WikiLeaks is an ongoing crime."

"My work will not be cowed. But while this immoral investigation continues, and while the Australian government will not defend [WikiLeaks], I must remain here."

Assange says he plans to start a WikiLeaks-themed political party and run for Australian senate … assuming he can return there at some point of course.