Alpacalypse 2012: Doomsday Never Looked So Cute!

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The end of the world is going down today, the Mayans tell us. You've surely heard.

What you probably haven't considered is that predictions of the December 21, 2012 apocalypse were all just a clever ruse ... to divert attention from the real threat.

The ALPACAlypse!

Alpacalypse 2012

A meme devoted to the llama-like furballs is wreaking cute destruction on 12/21/12.

So sometime today, expect a torrent of alpacas to rain down upon us, bringing fire, brimstone, the end of human civilization and a whole lot of furry silliness.

Seriously, have you seen one of them? See more Alpacalypse images below:

Alpacalypse is Nigh
Alpacalypse Style
Alpacalypse Now
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