Jamie McDonald Eats ENTIRE Denny's Hobbit-Themed Menu in One Sitting

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Eating Denny's entire 11-piece "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" menu in a single sitting sounds certifiably insane ... unless you're Jamie "The Bear" McDonald did.

Okay, it still sounds insane, but he did it anyway.

In 20 minutes, Jamie McDonald inhaled about 156 ounces (9.75 lbs) of food and drink and 8,610 calories, not including ketchup. Totally worth it, undoubtedly.

The Ring Burger alone is a stunning 1,420 calories ... of course all Hobbit fans know the Ring has a way of corrupting those who seek it, so that makes sense.

THG NOTE: Don't try this at home. Maybe an easy salmon recipe instead.