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We already know how family members feel about the Kim Kardashian pregnant news: happy and blessed!

But what about the rest of the Internet?

Putting aside the boring, sincere reactions – such as Demi Lovato gushing over the (“So happy for you @KimKardashian.. Love you SO much and I’m so excited to babysit!!”) announcement – scroll down for the funniest responses from a rapt Twitterverse…

Kim Kardashian and Kanye in NYC
Photo via Getty Images

Joel McHale: Congrats to @kimkardashian & @kanyewest on their baby. I hope it has Kim’s eyes, Kanye’s smile, & Bruce Jenner’s pterodactyl facial bones.

Andy Borowitz: It’s so weird to think that Kim Kardashian has sex even when we’re not watching.

Seth Meyers: I hope Kim and Kanye are prepared for the inevitable “Who’s Kimye?” question 5 years from now. #expectfollowups

Andrew Kaczynski: We are heading over the fiscal –OH MY GOD KANYE DID WHAT!

Andy Levy: well at least we know kim let kanye finish

Damien Fahey: I’m excited for Kim Kardashian’s doctor to perform the ultrasound and yell, “Congratulations! It’s a marketing opportunity!”

Bill Simmons: Why isn’t “Kim and Kanye are gonna make awesome parents!” trending?

Patrick Sandberg: I’m so happy for Kim for finally getting everything she’s pretended she’s always wanted.