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Brooke Mueller is coming clean to her closest friends, according to TMZ, and admits she was in fact on something when she was rushed to the hospital last week.

She wasn’t on crack – sadly not something you can rule out when dealing with Brooke – but Adderall, for which she has a valid prescription to treat her ADHD.

Mueller “fell off the wagon” last week and took way more than prescribed.

Brooke Mueller on a Red Carpet
Photo via Getty Images

Brooke’s assistant found the 35-year-old passed out hardcore Friday and called 911, fearing she had overdosed. Mueller was rushed to the hospital but denied OD’ing.


She was cut loose a few hours later and immediately denied this.

Shortly after Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife left the hospital, she said she wasn’t on “illegal drugs” (including cocaine) and was just super exhausted from making jewelry.

That could still be true, of course, but there was clearly more to it.

Adderall is widely considered one of the most addictive and abused prescription drugs in America, with some experts saying it can even have cocaine-like effects.

Mueller reportedly took too many pills because she was desperate to meet a deadline for a jewelry order, and didn’t think she could afford to waste time sleeping.

Brooke had no comment on the claims made by TMZ’s sources.