What Were the Most Asked Questions of 2012?

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Earlier this week, Bing revealed what people were searching for in 2012 (Kim Kardashian mostly). Now Ask.com, which apparently still exists, is doing the same!

The question and answer search engine's year-end review of what was huge in 2012 focused, fittingly, on the burning questions people wanted answered.

Team USA Women's Gymnastics

Valerie Combs, V.P. of communications for Ask.com, said in a statement:

“With nearly half of the queries on Ask.com in the form of a full question, we get a snapshot of not only what captured consumers’ attention, but also what piqued their curiosity.”

Here are Ask’s top news search terms and related questions for 2012:

  1. 2012 Olympics. How many medals did the US gymnastics team win?
  2. Hurricane Sandy. What is the damage from Hurricane Sandy?
  3. Black Knight shooting. What happened at the Colorado shooting?
  4. Jerry Sandusky. What is Jerry Sandusky’s sentence?
  5. iPhone 5. When will the iPhone 5 be released?
  6. Facebook IPO. When is the Facebook IPO?
  7. Lance Armstrong. Did Lance Armstrong take drugs?
  8. Whitney Houston. How did Whitney Houston die?
  9. Costa Concordia. How did the Costa Concordia sink?
  10. Trayvon Martin. Why was Trayvon Martin Shot?

Apparently people really love the Fierce Five and worried about Sandy. And can't recall the correct name of the final part of Christopher Nolan's blockbuster Batman trilogy.

Quick answers below ...

  1. A lot
  2. See #1
  3. There is no movie called that
  4. Not long enough
  5. September something
  6. May something
  7. Obviously
  8. Drugs/alcohol
  9. We forget
  10. Talk to George Zimmerman

Who needs Ask.com. Just Ask THG.

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